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Almost Paradise – Excerpt

Almost Paradise – Excerpt

Almost Paradise Cover v300dpifrom Almost Paradise

© 2016 by Olivia Cunning

Eric paused in the formal dining room’s doorway and gazed at the adorable woman sitting in one of twelve matching Elizabethan high-backed chairs surrounding the highly polished mahogany table. Her blond and purple hair was mussed from sleep, and one bare leg was tucked up into the tattered, baggy recesses of a faded UCLA sweatshirt, but she fit there. In his home. In his life. She fit. She was his everything. His Rebekah.

Unable to resist her allure for another moment, Eric approached her chair and leaned over the back. He slid his palms over Rebekah’s lower belly, pressed his cheek against her head, and closed his eyes, taking a moment to inhale her scent and bask in her warmth—she was so alive beneath his hands, so vibrant. Days ago when she’d thought her cancer had come back, Eric had thought he might lose her. And though they’d said forever vows soon after their fears had been vanquished, he still had a hard time grasping that this perfect woman was his, that he’d found someone to love and to love him. Later today they were going to the tattoo parlor to get additional vows etched into their skin. Not that he’d ever forget what he’d pledged in her church before her family and his friends. He’d meant every word. He knew millions of men had recited those same words to their special woman, but Eric would honor Rebekah, love her, cherish her, in sickness if it came to that and in health for as long as he lived. The vows they were getting tattooed as part of sleeves from shoulder to wrist were unique, but the ones he’d spoken were just as heartfelt, no matter how canned they’d become over the years.

“Breakfast is ready,” he murmured, remembering why he’d sought her company in the first place.

“What did you put in my scrambled eggs this time?” she asked, craning her neck to look at him. A spark of mischief danced in her pretty blue eyes and a grin teased the corner of her mouth.

“Anise and paprika.”

She bit her lip. “Can’t even imagine what that’s going to taste like.”

But he knew she’d try them. It touched him that she’d risk her taste buds to make him happy. Not even Jace—the most amenable of his bandmates—would sample Eric’s culinary experiments.

The laptop Rebekah had been using clicked shut, and she covered the backs of his hands with her palms to press them into more firmly into her belly.

He shifted his gaze to stare at the lid of the computer, wondering why she’d hidden what she was doing. “Watching a little porn this morning?”

“Who needs porn when married to you?” She laughed when his hands moved up her body to cup her breasts. “Case in point.”

“If you weren’t so damned irresistible, I might be able to keep my hands off you. Or get through at least part of my day without a stiffy.”

“Those stiffies only make me want to be more irresistible to you,” she said and slid her hands up his arms.

“Not possible.” He turned his head to kiss her temple, but the idea that she might be hiding something from him wouldn’t leave his thoughts. “So what were you doing on my computer?”

“You’re not going to be one of those husbands who checks my browsing history and secretly reads my emails, are you?”

Maybe. “You wouldn’t like that?”

“Would you like it?”

He shrugged. “I don’t have anything to hide.” Did she?

“I happen to be planning a big surprise for you,” she said, “and I’d appreciate that it stay a surprise. So no peeking.”

Eric’s heart skipped a beat. He remembered the last time Rebekah had surprised him. She’d made his birthday one of the most special days of his life, topped only by the first time they’d had sex and by his wedding day. It wasn’t a coincidence that all the favorite days of his life centered on Rebekah. She was his everything.

He grinned and lifted his eyebrows at her. “A surprise?”

“Well, less of one now since I had to say something to keep you from snooping.” She elbowed him in the ribs.

He released her to rub at his side, and she slipped from her chair, scooping the laptop off the table and holding it securely to her chest.

“I wouldn’t have snooped.” Maybe. “So what kind of surprise?”

“A honeymoon surprise.” She offered him a mischievous smile and practically skipped into the kitchen toward the plate of eggs on the counter.

Honeymoon? Hell, yeah. He liked the sound of that. That would involve lots of sex and cocktails on the beach and more sex. He trailed after her. “So where are we going? Aruba? Jamaica?”

Her laugh interrupted him. “We’re not going to Kokomo.”

He brightened as another paradise occurred to him. “Hawaii?”

“No. No tropical islands.”

He scrunched one brow at her. “Then where?”

“Maine.” She beamed as if it were her dream vacation destination.

“Maine? The state?” His tone was almost as flat as his interest in going to Maine.

“Eventually. We’ll start here and drive across the entire United States to Bangor.”

He shook his head in confusion. “What’s in Bangor?”

“Aw, come on—you don’t want to bang her in Bangor?” She shimmied her shoulders and winked at him.

He snorted. This was why he married her. Well, her twisted sense of humor was one of thousands of reasons. “Of course I want to bang her—er, you—in Bangor. I want to bang you in every town on the planet. But you don’t seriously want to drive that far, do you? We’re on the road constantly when we tour with the band. Aren’t you sick of it?”

“I love traveling with Sinners, but we never get to see anything when we’re on the road. We’re too busy working. There are a whole lot of stops I want to make between here and there that we’d never get to see while we’re on tour. I’ve been marking them on my super-secret map.”

“It’s winter up there right now,” Eric said. As far as he was concerned, Maine in December was not for thin-blooded southern Californians such as himself.

“Exactly! Don’t you want to do donuts in the snow with the top down?”

Drive his classic Corvette in the snow? Uh, he was thinking no. “I’d rather eat donuts in the sand with your top down.”

The excited smile dropped from her face. “Fine. If you don’t like my surprise, forget it.”

His heart sank. Disappointing her crushed him. He took the laptop from her hands and set it on the kitchen counter before wrapping her in his arms. “We’ll go anywhere you want to go,” he said, pressing a kiss to her head. “I can’t wait to see where you take me.”

She snuggled into his chest and tightened her arms around his waist. “Too easy,” she said with a giggle.

Somehow, Eric felt he’d been had.

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Take Me to Paradise – Excerpt

Take Me to Paradise – Excerpt

Take Me to Paradise Cover v1c.jpgfrom Take Me to Paradise

© 2014 by Olivia Cunning

Only one thing could top being woken by a skilled lover expertly sucking his cock: knowing—without even opening his eyes—that his wakeup call was being delivered by his sensational wife.

“Well, good morning to you too,” Brian said, lifting his head from the pillow to watch her work her magic.

Myrna smiled a greeting with her pretty hazel eyes since her mouth was otherwise occupied. She took him deep into the back of her throat and increased the strength of her suction as she pulled back.

His belly tightened in an involuntary spasm of delight, and he dropped his head back on the pillow, wondering what he’d done to deserve this phenomenal alarm clock.

Myrna bobbed her head until Brian was so hard he could have used his dick to carve marble, and then she pulled back until he popped out of her mouth. He watched her in silent awe as she crawled up his body to straddle his hips.

“My temperature is optimal,” she explained, reaching between her legs to press his cockhead into her slick opening. His flesh throbbed with pleasure as her tight pussy swallowed him inch by glorious inch.

Myrna wanted a baby almost as much as he did, and though they’d been trying for months, they hadn’t found success. She had recently resorted to taking her temperature near the middle of her cycle, hoping to find her fertile time. She’d switched from a romantic approach to a more scientific one when fucking like rabbits any time they were in the same room together hadn’t done the trick.

“I should be on top,” he said, “so gravity isn’t working against us.”

She pursed her lips and nodded, blinking against the sudden flood of tears in her eyes.

He sat up and wrapped both arms around her. “Don’t cry, baby. It will happen.”

She clung to him as if afraid he was about to desert her again. He knew half of their problem was that his tour schedule with Sinners kept them apart most of the time.

“How can it happen when you’re always on the road?” she said and snuggled her face into his neck.

“I’m not on the road now,” he said.

“Only because the tour bus was ripped in two.”

“Maybe your ovaries planned it that way,” he said and rolled her onto her back. He was hoping to bring a smile to her face, but she just scowled at him.

“Don’t joke about the crash. That was the most terrifying experience of my life.”

She’d done well at hiding her fear until they’d been alone together and she’d completely fallen apart. He’d loved how she’d needed his strength to help her come to terms with the accident that had nearly taken their lives, but he didn’t love that it always took a life-threatening crisis for her to show any weakness.

He kissed her deeply and began to rock his hips, willing memories of that horrible experience to leave her mind and his. When she relaxed beneath him and began to explore his back with gentle fingertips, he churned his hips to give her more pleasure. He knew he could give her pleasure, but he wasn’t sure he’d ever give her the baby she wanted so badly. He was starting to think there was something wrong with his potency, which made him want to make a baby even more. To prove that what he kept in his pants wasn’t just for show. That it could get the job done properly.

Myrna moaned softly, grinding against him as her excitement built. He lifted onto his elbows so he could watch her as he thrust into her, pulled back, and then plunged into her again. He would never tire of looking at her face or its countless expressions—her joy, her anxiety, her passion. Her fear and sorrow. Her anger and tenderness and wonder and love. He cherished every nuance of her beautiful face and doubted he’d ever grow tired of watching her—not even when they were both old and wrinkled like a pair of enamored raisins.

“I love you,” he whispered when the emotion became too raw to hold inside.

She smiled up at him and lifted a hand to touch his beard-stubbled jaw. “I love you too Brian.”

They deserved to have the ultimate expression of their love. They deserved to have a baby. So why was making one so fucking difficult for them?

He made love to her slowly, filling her deeply, waiting for her to find her peak. He followed her in orgasm, planting himself firmly against the entrance of her womb as he found release inside her. He withdrew slowly, trying not to disrupt what he’d left behind, and then rested his head on her chest as he slowly regained his breath. She ran her fingers through his hair while he prayed that they’d made it happen this time. Please God, let her be happy. Let her have a baby. My baby. Please.

“Let’s go away somewhere,” she said after a moment. “Just the two of us. We never got to have a real honeymoon after our wedding, and Jerry said it will be awhile before you’re able to get back on tour. Plus, my leave of absence from work extends for another full week.”

Going on a honeymoon sounded like a great idea to him. While spending time with Myrna in Kansas City was wonderful, it would be spectacular to get away from everything for a while. Maybe staying in the apartment where her creep of an ex-husband had shown up and made her feel unsafe was stressing Myrna out. His mom had told him that women sometimes had a hard time conceiving when they were stressed. She’d also told him that older women often struggled to get pregnant, but he’d immediately dismissed that reason. And he had not told Myrna that he’d been worried enough to call his mom for advice. His mother wasn’t on Myrna’s list of favorite people. Especially after his mom blamed Myrna for not getting to attend her own son’s wedding and was unabashedly vocal about her disapproval of his and Myrna’s age difference. It wasn’t as if seven years was eons. And he loved Myrna. Adored her. He was euphorically overjoyed to have Myrna as his wife. Shouldn’t that be what his mother cared about? Not their age difference, but their happiness together? He often didn’t understand how his mother’s mind worked.

“Where would you like to go?” Brian asked.

“I’ll go anywhere,” Myrna said, “as long as I’m with you.”

His heart warmed. He loved the rare occasions when she said romantic things to him.

She crinkled her pert nose, and he knew her atom-thin romantic streak had already vanished. “Except Canada,” she said. “Canada doesn’t seem to like me much.”

The bus accident had occurred in Canada, and they both knew the crash had nothing to do with a place liking anyone, but he understood her hesitation to return there so soon after tragedy had struck the family of their little metal band.

“I’ll call a travel agent and see what’s available in a hurry,” he said. “Are you hungry?” He lowered his head and kissed her flat belly. He wondered what she’d look like with his baby growing inside her. He was positive that it would be the most beautiful sight he’d ever see.

“A little. Are you?”

“Starving,” he said.

“I’ll get up and make you breakfast.”

He pressed her firmly into the mattress. “You stay here and incubate,” he said. “I’ll bring you something.”

“I appreciate that,” she said, her eyes growing moist again.

Damn, she was emotional while trying to get pregnant. He couldn’t even imagine how emotional she’d be once she actually conceived. He wouldn’t mind, though. He was more than happy to make midnight runs for pickles and ice cream to keep a smile on her face. He’d do anything to make her happy.

“No problem,” he said and kissed her pouty pink lips. “It’s the least I can do after that wonderful wake-up you gifted me with this morning.”

“When my ovaries say it’s time, it’s time,” she said with a laugh.

“We have at least twelve more hours to take advantage of their cooperation,” he said.

“Better make that breakfast a quick one.” She patted his ass. “I’m ready for you to take advantage of me again.”


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