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Rock Hard Excerpt 1 – Sex Above the City (sex scene)

Excerpt from

Rock Hard

by Olivia Cunning

© 2011

A few people stood gazing out of the tower at the bright lights of the strip below, but most waited at the elevator to leave the closing attraction. Sed pulled Jessica to a deserted corner and shielded her body from the thinning crowd with his body.

“You know I can’t control myself around you,” he said.

She was counting on it.

His hands moved under her skirt, massaging the globes of her bare ass. He lowered his head to kiss her. He thrust his tongue into her mouth and she sucked it deep. He pulled her closer, grinding her pelvic bone against his—crushing his cock between their bodies. His fingertips ran down the crack of her ass until he found the puckered flesh he sought and dipped the tip of his ring finger inside her. She jerked and tugged her mouth away from his.

“I want to swallow you,” she whispered. “We need to find a room immediately.”

He glanced over his shoulder and looked around. There was no one there but the two of them. His hands moved to her hips and eased her down. She peeked around his body to ensure herself that no one was nearby and then crouched down in front of him. A cool breeze fluttered under her skirt and drew her attention to the hot ache between her thighs. Why was it always like this with him? He made her so wet and needy. Another reason to hate him.

And want him.

Sed’s hands gripped the wire cage surrounding the observation deck as she freed his cock from his pants and drew him deep into her throat.

His head fell back, his hat tumbling to the ground as he groaned in that primeval way that made her pussy clench. She clutched the leather encasing his muscular thighs as she sucked him, drawing her head back and then taking him deep into her throat again. She bobbed her head faster, sucked harder, knowing he needed release.

“Ah, Jessica. Ah, yeah. That’s perfect. Everything you do to me. Perfect.”

“Excuse me, sir. The observation deck is closed now,” a hesitant voice said behind them.

Jessica paused, her heart racing in her chest. Public engagements always excited her, but getting caught? Not so much.

Sed glanced at the female attendant over his shoulder. “I’ll give you a thousand dollars if you forget I’m up here for twenty minutes.”

“Oh. My. God,” she said, her pitch and volume increasing with each word. “Sed Lionheart. I’m your biggest fan!”

Jessica released his cock from her mouth and stood up. Sed let go of the wire fencing to wrap an arm around her, drawing her against his chest and poking her in the belly with his erection.

“We’re kind of busy,” Jessica told the star struck, young woman.

Her gaze moved from Sed’s face to Jessica’s. “I thought you were alone,” she murmured. Her eyes widened in sudden realization. “Oh. You can’t do that here. The deck is closed. You have to go down now.”

“I was going down,” Jessica told her.

Sed tossed his head back and laughed, his arm tightening around Jessica’s body. Jessica’s hand slipped between their bodies and wrapped it around his cock. He jerked, his breath catching in his throat. Poor guy was about to explode. Her hand shifted to his balls, finding them hot and full. He shuddered.

“Sweetie, I’ll autograph something for you if you just disappear for about twenty minutes,” Sed said hoarsely.

“I saw your concert tonight,” the girl said, her gaze stuck to Sed like superglue. “How’s your throat?”

“Still a little sore, but it will get better. So, Eiffel Tower Girl, do we have a deal? Leave us alone for a few?”

“Yeah, I’ll pretend like I didn’t see you for twenty minutes or so, but I want your shirt.”

“You’ve got it.”

“And a thousand dollars.”


“Like, right now.”

Sed shrugged off his long leather coat, allowing it to fall to the ground, and pulled his shirt over his head. He threw it at her. The young woman caught it, cradled it against her chest and lowered her face into the fabric to inhale his scent. She sighed, her eyelids fluttering in bliss.

Jessica’s nostrils flared.

“I’ll pay you later,” Sed promised. “Go away now.”

The attendant nodded and disappeared around the corner.

“I really hate your fans sometimes.” Jessica noticed they were entirely alone now. All the other tourists had left.

“If someone else had caught us, we’d have to leave.”

“Good point.”

He untied the string at the back of her neck and pushed down her bodice to expose her breasts. “I’ve been wanting to do that since we left the bus.”

He lowered his head and sucked her breast into his mouth, his tongue working against her rigid nipple. Her free hand moved to the soft, short hair on the back of his head, while her other hand slowly stroked the length of his cock.

He released her aching breast from his mouth. “Grab hold of the fence behind you.”

The fence? What did he have in mind? She lifted her hands over her head and held onto the thick, chain-link wire fencing with both hands. “Like this?”

“Yeah. Hold on tight.” He gripped her hips and lifted her feet off the ground. He stretched her body out in front of him, settling his hips between her legs.

“Can you hold on like that?” he asked.

“For a little while.”

“Let me know when your arms get tired.”

He surged forward, filling her with one deep thrust.

Her back arched involuntarily. “Ah, God, Sed.”

He supported most of her weight with one hand under her lower back, the other under her hips. She wrapped her legs around his hips and gripped the fencing tightly as he thrust into her.

“Lean back,” he whispered.

She walked her hands down the fence several rungs. When she opened her eyes, the Las Vegas strip came into view upside down. Below, she saw headlights of countless cars, an ambulance flashing red and blue lights in the distance, and the spectacular casinos, lit in all their glory. Despite the view, she couldn’t keep her eyes open. He felt too good to think of anything but his thick cock filling her, receding, filling her again. In this glorious, yet acrobatic, position, he rubbed against her G-spot with each penetrating thrust. Her arms began to tremble with fatigue, but she didn’t want him to stop just yet. She was so close.

“Sed,” she called. “Fuck me hard. I wanna come. I wanna…”

He thrust into her harder, his fingers digging into her flesh as he pounded against her.

“Oh. Oh. Oh, yes,” her vocalizations grew louder and more needy with each thrust. Her excitement and pleasure built and built and built.

Her entire body convulsed as she came. He almost dropped her and had to strengthen his hold as she screamed into the night. She shuddered violently as ripples of pleasure spread from her pulsating core, down her thighs, and up her belly and back. He refused to relent. Kept pounding into her—harder, harder, oh God, yes, harder—until another orgasm shook her and another. She knew she was chanting his name at the top of her lungs, but couldn’t stop. As her fourth orgasm pulsated through her, he thrust deep and held still, waiting for her to regain her bearings. When her body relaxed, Sed squatted and lowered her feet to the ground.

“You okay?”

She released the fencing with one hand and rubbed her face. She laughed, somewhat maniacally. “You could say that. Wow, that was…”

“…amazing.” He pulled out with a wince. “Can you stand? I don’t think I can hold you that way much longer. I’m getting tired. I guess I need to work out more.”

Most guys couldn’t hold her like that for fifteen seconds much less fifteen minutes. She used the fencing to pull herself to her feet. He stood before her and cupped her face, kissing her tenderly. He stroked the bare skin of her upper arms. “Turn around.”

She never minded him bossing her around at times like these. She trusted his sexual inventiveness far more than her own.

She turned to face the Vegas strip. He moved behind her and pushed her skirt up around her waist. Gripping her hips, he entered her again, this time from behind. He had to bend his knees to penetrate her, because even in three-inch heels, she wasn’t tall enough to accommodate his height. He caressed her buttocks and belly as he thrust into her slowly and rhythmically. As he had yet to come, she knew he had to be dying, yet he still considered her pleasure first, building her back to the pinnacle methodically.

It was time for her to regain control.

She bent forward slightly, changing the point of friction between their bodies.

He groaned. She rotated her hips, and bent further still, squeezing his cock tightly within her body.

“Jessica, that feels…”


“Yeah.” His breathing became sporadic as his thrusts quickened.

That’s better. Lose yourself. She bent further, her hair brushing the ground in front of her now. Squeezed harder. Relaxed. Squeezed. “Uhn. Uhn.” He punctuated each thrust with groans and gasps.

Come hard, Sed. She clenched her vaginal muscles even tighter to increase his stimulation. Think of nothing but me. She slowly straightened her back, changing their point of friction again. When she stood completely upright, she slowly bent forward again.

His strokes became rapid and shallow, his breathing chaotic, his groans low and primal. His hands gripped her hipbones, trying to hold her still as he continued to pound into her. Faster. Faster. Harder. Oh, yes. He thrust deep and then paused.

“Hold still, hold still,” he pleaded. He took several deep breaths and then began to move more slowly. Deeper. Gyrating to increase her pleasure.

She grinned. There was nothing better than a lover who held back for as long as possible. She put her hands on her knees and rotated her hips to the left and then to the right, grinding him inside her. And there was nothing more fun than trying to make him come.

“Jess. Jess.”

She rotated her hips to the left again. With a primal growl, he grabbed her hair and pulled her upright. He lunged forward and pressed her body against the fence, thrusting into her vigorously, repeating incoherent words into her ear.

He grabbed the fence with both hands. Metal rattled loudly as he strained against her and shuddered violently as he let go inside her at last.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck,” he shouted. “Oh God, Jess. Jess…”

There was nothing sexier than when this man, who was always in command, completely lost control.

His body sagged against hers, crushing her into the fencing. She allowed him to catch his breath for several minutes before she complained.

“Sed, I can’t breathe.”

“Sorry, sorry,” he panted. “I don’t think I can pull out yet. Give me a minute.” His lips brushed against her hair at the side of her head. He leaned away from her slightly, giving her just enough room to take a decent breath, but kept himself buried inside her.

“You have to leave now,” the Eiffel Tower attendant said from behind them.

Sed sighed and pulled away with a stuttering gasp. He tucked his slackening cock into his pants while Jessica straightened her skirt and pulled her top up to cover her breasts. She tied the strings behind her neck. Sed retrieved his leather coat from the ground and slid into it.

His naked chest and stomach, which showed between the sides of his duster, drew Jessica’s appreciative attention. Yummy.

Sed located his hat and crammed it onto his head. Walking unsteadily, he dug his wallet out of his pocket and fished out multiple hundred-dollar bills. He handed them to the young woman.

“Thanks for your discretion,” he said. “Worth every penny.”


Rock Hard (Sinners on Tour #2)

Available April 1st, 2011.

Amazon (paperback)

Amazon (Kindle)

Barnes and Noble

Book Depository

Books-a-Million (paperback)

Books-a-Million (ebook)


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Rock Hard – Chapter 2


Rock Hard (Sinners on Tour #2)

Rock Hard

Sinners on Tour (Book 2)

by Olivia Cunning


Chapter 2
Jessica’s confident smile faded as the grade on her final paper burned its ugly red image onto her retina.


An F?

She gulped air.

An F! Failure. Failurino. Failurocity. Failtacular. Failpendous.Epic… fail.

The note scrawled beneath Jessica’s inconceivable grade read, Perhaps next time you will consider completing your paper as assigned,Ms. Chase.

“Check it out,” the guy seated next to her said. He leaned way into her personal space and tapped his paper with the back of his fingertips. “The Ice Queen gave me an A minus. What did you get,Wonder Brain? The Pulitzer prize for best final paper evah?”

Jessica hurriedly stuffed her failing (failing?) paper into her leather folio. “They don’t give Pulitzers for that.”

“Duh. That was a joke. So, are you tired of rejecting me yet?”

She climbed from her chair, her knees shaky. An F? How? How? There had to be some mistake. She headed toward the podium at the front of the room where Dr. Ellington stood. Ellington always looked perfectly put together. Her sleek blonde hair, cut in an ear-length bob,swayed slightly as she placed papers into her briefcase. Her trim navy blue skirt suit was worth more than Jessica’s car. Ellington might have been considered pretty if she didn’t look so shrewd.And intimidating.

Jessica gripped her portfolio tighter.

Someone grabbed Jessica’s arm. She turned to find the guy with the A minus looking down at her hopefully. Handsome and neat in his blue Polo shirt and Dockers, he raked a hand through his sandy brown hair. “Join me for coffee?”

“No, thank you.”

“A movie? Dinner?”

“No, uhh…” Her eyebrows drew together. “What’s your name again?”

His pretty-boy face fell. “Doug. I’ve sat next to you for four months and you don’t remember my name?”

Well, lots of guys sat next to her. She couldn’t be expected to remember their names when she had zero interest in them.

“Sorry. Doug. I can’t talk right now. I need to speak to Dr. Ellington about something important.”

“I’ll wait for you.”

“Not interested.”

“Of course not. You’re never interested in anyone. You only date assholes, am I right?”

Her ex-fiancé’s image flittered through her mind’s eye. Sedric Lionheart definitely qualified as an asshole. But they’d split two years ago, so she no longer dated assholes. Or anyone, for that matter.“What kind of question is that?”

“Nice, smart, and beautiful.” He ticked his words off on three fingers. “The recipe for a woman who only dates assholes.”

Jessica’s eyes narrowed. “Then why do I keep turning you down?”

Doug winced and covered his heart with one hand. “Ouch. The beauty has claws.” He chuckled. “I’ll meet you outside.”

“Seriously, Doug, don’t bother.”

“I’ll wait.”

She shook his hand off her arm and continued to the podium.When Jessica stopped in front of Dr. Ellington, the woman smiled like a snake in bronze lipstick.

“Do you have a moment, professor? I’d like to talk to you about my grade.”

“Nothing to talk about, Chase.”

“I don’t understand how you could have…” Jessica swallowed and forced the next word out. “…failed me. My paper is good.” She straightened her spine, grasping for self-confidence she didn’t feel. “Excellent.”

Ellington shrugged. “Maybe, but as I clearly indicated, youdidn’t follow directions.”

That wasn’t true. Exactly. “I dissected the assigned case. Reviewed all the court documents. The associated literature. Tackled the defense’sposition and the plaintiff’s. Evaluated the verdict and the effects the case had on future cases.”

“You also determined that the defense took the wrong position and proceeded to rebuild the case in some egotistical attempt to prove you could win.”

Egotistical? Jessica opened her mouth. Closed it again. Took a gasping breath. “But the defense lost because they approached the case from the wrong standpoint. If they’d have followed my strategy—”

“Ms. Chase, you are a second year law student. Do you really think you can win a case that professional lawyers couldn’t?”

“Yes, actually, I do. If you’d take another look—”

Dr. Ellington lifted a hand to silence her. “The grade stands,Chase. You need a serious attitude adjustment.” She smiled coldly. “Have a nice summer.”

Jessica caught her arm. “Wait. I’ll rewrite it. Take out every reference to my alternate strategy.”

“You should have done it right the first time.” Ellington brushed her hand aside. “Your pack of male admirers is waiting for you.” She nodded toward the door. “Maybe they can help you with your little problem.”

Jessica glanced over her shoulder at the six or seven guys watching her from the doorway. What did they have to do with anything?She covered her forehead with one hand, fighting tears.

“Oh, don’t cry, pretty little Jessica.” Ellington gave her a pitying pout. “You wouldn’t want to make my day now, would you?” She scraped her briefcase off the podium and turned. She stopped abruptly so she didn’t careen into the Dean of Students, Dr. Taylor, who had just entered the door behind her.

Taylor kind of looked like Perry Mason, except, well, old. “Can I see you in my office for a few minutes?”

Ellington stiffened, lowered her head, and nodded.

Taylor then turned his attention to Jessica. “You look upset,Jessica. Everything okay?”

No, everything was decidedly not okay. She glanced at Dr. Ellington, somehow feeling it was wrong to complain about the woman’s grading practices to her boss. Maybe Jessica had deserved to fail. She hadn’t followed the assignment’s directions. Instead,she’d tried to impress her professor with her brilliant strategy. She’d obviously failed at that.

“Everything’s fine,” Jessica croaked.

“If you’d like to discuss something with me in private, my door is always open.”

Kind of him to offer, she thought. She glanced up at him to find him staring at her chest.

He licked his lips as his eyes drifted up her throat and then back to her breasts. “Yes, my door is always open for you, Jessica Chase.”

Ellington grabbed his arm. “Let’s go have that meeting now.”

Dr. Taylor grinned. “Oh yes, our meeting.” He touched Jessica’scheek. “Have a nice summer.”

Before Jessica could flinch away from his touch, he turned and strode toward the door with Ellington on his heels.

Jessica shuffled out of the building, the chattering of her following classmates background noise. She’d probably have to retake Ellington’s class next year. As a third-year student. The ultimate humiliation for the head of the class. Or she had been at the top of the class. Now? She was probably at the bottom.As she stepped out of the building, she gazed up at Southern California’s hazy blue sky. The sun shone in complete contrast to the storm clouding her perspective.

“Jess!” Her roommate, Beth, also a law student, grabbed her in an enthusiastic hug. “Last day of classes. Ready to go celebrate?”Jessica’s one female friend. The only person she had ever allowed herself to depend on. If it hadn’t been for Beth’s support, she’d probablystill be crying herself to sleep over Sed every night.

Jessica clung to Beth, fighting tears.

Beth tugged her away and looked down at her, cupping her cheek gently.“Oh no, something’s wrong. We need chocolate ice cream. Stat!”

Later, with a carton of chocolate ice cream between them on Jessica’s bed, Beth responded to the situation with appropriate best friend angst. “I read that paper. That was an A paper. An A plus paper. Ellington has it out for you or something. You should go to Dr. Taylor. Tell him what happened. Maybe he can help.”

Jessica shoveled another spoon of ice cream into her mouth, feeling marginally better with each gulp. “That guy is sleazy. All he does is stare at my breasts.”

“Everyone stares at your breasts, Jess.”

“I’m also the only student he knows by name.”

“You really don’t get it, do you?”

“Get what?”

“You’re gorgeous. You have guys falling all over themselves to be with you, yet you turn them all down. And how long has it been since you’ve had sex?”

“You know I haven’t since—”

“You dumped that stupid prick you were engaged to.”

Jessica nodded. She didn’t understand why Sed still plagued her.

“Are you ever going to get over him?”

“I am over him.” She hated his fucking guts. Mostly because she missed him so much.

“Whatever, sweetie. Just who do you think wiped your tears every night for six months?”

“But I don’t cry over him anymore.”

Beth gave her a pitying look. “I know. I’m sorry I brought him up.” She slurped ice cream from her spoon. “Did you find a job yet?”

“No.” Which worried her. All the paying positions she’d tried to line up for the summer had fallen through. She could have her choice of unpaid internships, but she needed money and the job market sucked. “I’ve got to make at least $8,000 extra this summer. One of my scholarships was only renewable for two years. I have to replace that money somehow.”

“Just take out some loans.

”“I refuse to be in debt. You’ve seen my mother’s situation. I’ll never follow her path to financial ruin. Required to have a man to take care of me. No self-respect.” Jessica shoveled several spoonfuls of ice cream into her mouth at the thought of her mother.

“I don’t think it’s quite the same, Jess. You’re paying for an education.What was she paying for?”

Jessica rolled her eyes. “Breast implants. Nose job. Tanning. Body wraps. Lingerie. Things to land herself a rich husband.”

Beth chuckled. “Yet she married four losers.”

“Five, if you count the current loser.”

“See, no comparison. Just take out a loan and spend the summer on the beach.”

Jessica smiled. “You’re a bad influence, Beth.”

“The only way you’ll make that kind of cash in three months is illegally.” Beth got a reflective look on her face. “Or…”

“Why don’t I like the sound of that ‘or’?”

“My cousin, Aggie, works at a strip club called Paradise Found in Las Vegas.”

“A strip club? What does that have to do with me?”

“She makes a fortune, Jessica. With your looks and that body, you’ll have men throwing money at you by the handful.”

“No way in hell, Beth.”

“Why not? You were a natural when we took that pole dancing fitness class. The instructor said you should go pro. And I know you had fun. You liked it.”

Pole dancing was fun and she had liked it. Loved it, actually.

“Don’t you think exotic dancing will hurt my chances for respectable employment as a defense attorney?”

“Nope. Not really. Just use a stage name. No one will know.”

“Uh, duh, Beth, employment history is searchable under your social security number.”

“No one is going to care if you worked in a club while you were in college. Stop making excuses. Admit it. It’s a good idea.”

“It’s not gonna happen. Just drop it.”

“So I guess that means you’re staying with your mother and stepfather this summer.” Beth snorted with amusement. “That should be fun. How’s Ed?”

As a rule, Jessica tried not to think of her stepfather, Ed. The way he always stared at her with his protruding eyes. Accidentally touched her and rubbed up against her. Picked the bathroom door lock to catch her in the shower. Watched her sleep. Used her toothbrush “by mistake.” One time she’d caught him jacking off in her closet with her panties wrapped around his pathetic cock. Jessica shuddered. Ed was a good enough reason to avoid going home, but her mother’s inevitable “blame Jessica for my darling hubby’s weakness” position was too much to bear.

Jessica covered her churning stomach with one hand. There was nothing wrong with exotic dancing, really. Perfectly legal. Great money. Potentially empowering. Maybe it was time for her physical gifts to give her something besides anxiety.

“Paradise Found, huh? Do you have Aggie’s number?”


Rock Hard (Sinners on Tour #2)

Available April 1st, 2011.

Amazon (paperback)

Amazon (Kindle)

Barnes and Noble

Book Depository

Books-a-Million (paperback)

Books-a-Million (ebook)


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Rock Hard – Chapter 1


Rock Hard (Sinners on Tour #2)

Rock Hard

Sinners on Tour (Book 2)

by Olivia Cunning


Two years before Backstage Pass…

Chapter One

Jessica was the happiest woman on the planet. Life could not have been more perfect. She snuck up behind Sed, wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed his ear. “Hey, baby, guess what?”

“What?” he said absently.

She peeked around his shoulder to find him scowling at a stack of invoices.“I got in!”

His scowl deepened in confusion. “You got in? Got in what?”

She pulled the acceptance letter from her back pocket and snapped it open in front of him. This would wipe the scowl from his gorgeous face. While he read, she gazed at her recently acquired engagement ring. After all her hard work in school, her dreams were finally becoming a reality. Having a hunky rising-star rock vocalist as her fiancé was the frosting on her Pop Tart.

“Law school?” His deep voice rumbled through his back against her chest.

“Yeah. Isn’t it great? I’m so excited. We have to go out and celebrate.” She kissed his temple and squeezed him. “I’ll go put on a skirt. We’ll go sightseeing. I want you to make love to me on a crowded street. Maybe Rodeo Drive. Or Hollywood Boulevard. What do you think?”

“I can’t afford to put you through law school, Jess. I can’t evenafford to fix the transmission in the fuckin’ tour bus.” He tossed her acceptance letter on his stack of invoices.

“Don’t worry.” She pulled out a second letter. Her financial aid award letter. “Scholarships, grants, waivers. I only have to come up with $3,000 a semester.”

Sed shoved his chair away from the table and went to open the banged-up refrigerator. Finding it empty, he closed it again. “I don’thave $3,000, Jessica.”

He didn’t get it. This was her dream. He was encouraged to pursue his. Why wasn’t she? Even though Sed’s band, Sinners, would probably never make it as big as their front man envisioned, she believed in him. Was it so much to ask that he believed in her, too?

“I don’t expect you to pay for it, Sed. I’ll find a way. I just want you to be happy for me. Congratulate me. Something. This is the most important thing that’s ever happened to me.”

He leaned back against the counter and crossed his arms over his chest. For a second, she was struck by how attractive he was. Those broad shoulders, bulging muscles, narrow hips. Black hair, blue eyes. A face that belonged in movies. And then he opened his mouth. “I’m the most important thing that’s ever happened to you. And you aren’t going.”

“What do you mean I’m not going?”

“You’re not going to law school. You’ll be far too busy keeping me entertained in the bedroom. When that gets boring, you’ll popout five or six kids and take care of them while I tour with the band and make us all rich and famous.”

That was his big scheme for her life? Was he fucking kidding her? “I’ve dreamt of being a lawyer since I was a little girl, Sedric. I am going to law school. And you’re not telling me how to live my life.”

“If you want to be my wife, you’re not going. I forbid it.”

She stared at him in disbelief. “You did not just say that.”

“Yeah, I did.”

“Then I don’t want to be your wife.”

He scoffed, looking amused. “You don’t mean that.” That cocksure attitude of his—the one that had attracted her to him in the first place—made her grit her teeth. She yanked the ring off her finger and flung it at him. It hit him in the chest and he caught it against his body with his hand.“There! Go hock that cheap piece of shit, fix your precious tour bus, and make yourself famous with your stupid band, you asshole.”

He stared at her in disbelief.

“We’re through, Sed.”

His blue eyes widened. “You’re breaking up with me?”

For the first time in their four months together, Jessica saw a dent in his armor of self-assurance.

“No one has ever broken up with me. Ever.”

Fuckin’ A, he totally missed the point. “What did you expect? That I’d be happy as your little toy?”

His cocky grin returned. “Well, aren’t you? You never complain in the bedroom.”

She had no complaints in the bedroom. Their bodies were made for each other. Their sexual appetites perfectly in sync. It was everything else that didn’t work between them. “I’m leaving, Sed.” She hesitated. This was his last chance to make things right between them. All he had to do was admit he was wrong to try to control her life. Wrong to think of her as an object instead of a person. A person he supposedly loved enough to be his wife. She waited. Wanting him. God, she always wanted him. As overbearing and arrogant as he was, she wanted him. She did not, however, need him.

“I don’t think you will.” He chuckled. “You’re not strong enough to leave me.”

Jessica snatched her acceptance letter off the table and proved him wrong.


Rock Hard (Sinners on Tour #2)

Available April 1st, 2011.

Amazon (paperback)

Amazon (Kindle)

Barnes and Noble

Book Depository

Books-a-Million (paperback)

Books-a-Million (ebook)


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